100 Facts Evolution

100 Facts Evolution
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100 Facts Evolution is bursting with exactly 100 incredible facts, unbelievable images and fun activities. Children will learn everything they need to know about our ever-evolving world.
100 Facts Evolution contains key topics about how life on Earth has changed in simple numbered facts. Every page showcases fantastic illustrations and photographs that support a child's understanding of the text.
Essential topics covered in 100 Facts Evolution:
- The first forms of life and how it all began according to science
- Charles Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest and natural selection
- Modern breakthroughs such as genetic make-up and 'designer' evolution
Examples of 'I don't believe it' fascinating facts:
- If all the DNA in your body was put end to end, it would reach from Earth to the Sun and back more than 660 times.
- The prehistoric-looking cassowary from Australia has stiff feathers and small wings. Its ancestors could fly, but over millions of years cassowaries have lost the ability to take to the sky.
- More than 47,000 apsen trees in Utah, United States, are joined by underground suckers. The parent tree sent out suckers from its roots, which sprouted into new trees. They are identical clones.

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