100 Facts Space Travel

100 Facts Space Travel
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100 Facts Space Travel includes key topics about travelling to and living in space in easily-digestible, numbered facts. Every page showcases amazing illustrations and photographs that clarify difficult points for children. A fantastic kids' space book for both confident and reluctant readers. Essential topics covered in 100 Facts Space Travel: How rockets blast into space How astronauts prepare to live in space and what it's like on the International Space Station Visits to the Moon and Mars Examples of 'I don't believe it' fascinating facts: At launch, the shuttle weighed about 2 million kilograms, but most of this was fuel! The NASA spacesuits that the astronauts wear on spacewalks at the ISS cost $12 million each! Spacewalking astronauts may have to stay in their spacesuits for up to eight hours without a toilet break. Activities to make learning accessible and interactive include: Make a balloon rocket and see how the pushing force, thrust, works. Work out how much you would weight on the Moon! Learn how to spot the International Space Station in a clear sky just before dawn or after sunset.

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