Blow Me Socks Off!

Blow Me Socks Off!
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Marion Day
NZ $24.99
Blow Me Socks Off comes hot on the heels of the popular youth hunting book, Cor Blimey, Mate. There's even more action, more fun and fright, more blood and guts, more adventure...In this follow-up book of hunting stories, you'll dart to and fro from the known to the great unknown. At times all that will stand out are the whites of your eyes and the sweat on your brow, your heart beating hard. Something will be moving...Maybe the only thing you'll see is a crimson spot on a stag's forehead before he falls forward to the ground, never to wake...or the flash of his rear end as it disappears into the native bush. Maybe you'll hear Storm's breath cut sharply as he and his master await the first familiar green flashes in the early night sky - iridescent, shimmering, the flat orange feet and the frantic shot before the wild duck falls to earth. Maybe you'll be lucky and come across your own white stag, your own cunning boar, or maybe you'll be unlucky and have a 'Camp Mutha' on one of your hunting trips. There's the Glory Hunter who's full of arrogant wit and shit; there's the boy who promises to keep his aim straight; the mighty stag that beats his enemy to death; and the wild boar that meets an untimely end when lured by a female of his own kind.

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