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Sherryl Jordan
NZ $10.00
Set in the UK in a village in the Middle Ages, it starts out with Harry (a simpleton) losing control of an ox due to a bee buzzing inside his shirt, and the ox kicks a young girl Tilly who is seriously injured. Harry is looking after the ox while its owner, Jeffrey, is having a romp in the woods with the beautiful Gwenifer. Jeffrey and Gwenifer have made Harry promise not to tell anyone what they are up to - and Harry adores Gwenifer and sticks to his word. The Steward of Lord Roderick's Manor, Shem, presides in a Court hearing when Tilly's father tries to get compensation for his daughter's injuries. His mother, rumoured to be a witch, is a blind old crone who wants to take the long and perilous pilgrimage to Ransomwood to drink the tears of the statue of the Blessed Lady, hoping to restore her sight. Shem is unable to accompany his mother as his wife is unwell, but he comes up with a cunning plan in the Court - that Harry and Gwenifer go with his mother to Ransomwood, and if her sight is restored then Harry will not hang them when he returns. And so begins their adventure.

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