Home Sweet Home Game

Home Sweet Home Game
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Home Sweet Home Game
NZ $27.99
A fun memory and matching game.  Place all the objects in the right rooms. Each player takes a room playing board, ie bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or sitting room.  Use the side without names. 

The cards are spread out face down on the table.  The youngest player starts by turning over an object card to see if it belongs to their room.  To help recognise their objects, players can match the colour background on the object card to the colour of their room eg:  the lamp on the pink background goes on the pink bedroom board.

If the object card does belong to their room the player places it on their playing board.  If not, the object card is replaced face down in the same place on the table and the next player takes their turn. The winner is the first person to place all nine objects on their room.  For older children, use the reverse side of the playing board and match the object card to the square showing the name of the object. 

Suitable for 3 years upwards for 2 - 4 players.


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