Jungle Speed Safari

Jungle Speed Safari
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Jungle Speed Safari, a game for 5 yrs and up.
NZ $49.99
Normally, calm reigns supreme among the animals of the jungle. But when the time comes to eat, the animals gather round the forest of totems and their wild instincts take over.

The hungriest animals race to catch their prey first. Others become angry and shout, whilst the chameleon hides. When the hunter appears, there is panic.
The animals must protect themselves.

In turns, players flip the first card from their draw pile onto their score pile. Every card that is drawn eventually triggers an action. For example, if a player turns a hungry animal card, all players must race to grab the appropriate totem to satisfy the animal, the player that grabs the totem will add the hungry animal card to their score pile.

.Ages : 5 years and up Number of Players : 2 - 6 Playing Time : 15 minutes 5 totems (food) and 17 animals 42 cards; 1 bag and rule book.

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