The Nature of Ash

The Nature of Ash
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Mandy Hager
NZ $10.00
Set in NZ 20-odd years in the future, corporations from both the Western Alliance (WA) and the United People's Republic (UPR) have carved up our local resources for themselves, leaving the local population disconnected from the land and living very tenuously - water and food shortages, depleted oil and gas supplies, climate change effects, erosion of social welfare and employment protections, a divided and impoverished society where only those at the top have any wealth or power. Ash (Ashley) McCarthy is an 18-year-old, first-year university student at Canterbury University, living in a student hostel. His father is head of the CTU; his mother died when his younger brother Mikey, who has Down Syndrome, was 3 months old. The novel opens with Ash and his friends embarking on a night of heavy drinking, to settle their fears over the UPR's torpedoing of an Australian ship in NZ territorial waters after a prolonged dispute. Ash receives the terrible news that his father has died in a bomb blast. Nothing is ever the same again as Ash must deal with his father's death, look after his brother and leave town as the threat from offshore gets seriously worrying. Ash is thrown into a fast-paced series of disasters, finally learning the awful truth about his mother.

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